Taking Charge® Workshop

Unbelievably, most people spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning their life and work. Discover what is most important to you and how to achieve that in your life through the Taking Charge® workshop. Help your work and motivation to join together.

Why do we need it?

Today’s successful organizations know that their employees are most productive when they feel their personal life aligns with their work life. When given the opportunity to achieve both personal and professional goals, most people will find themselves reinvigorated and will have the energy to perform at their best. Alternately, people who are unclear about what they want from life and work tend to sleepwalk through their days, expending very little energy and adding very little value to their organization and others in their life.

Who is it for?

The Taking Charge workshop is for professionals dedicated to maximizing their personal and professional effectiveness through living on purpose. Entry-level through senior executive leaders will benefit from Taking Charge. The program is particularly valuable for people who want to:

  • Articulate and claim their purpose
  • Bring more of who they are to what they do
  • Develop and express their strengths
  • Balance their work and family responsibilities
  • Make transitions in career or professional direction
  • Explore life’s possibilities and create a plan to achieve them

What is it?

Taking Charge is a two-day personal and professional development workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have developed a unique life-planning tool called the Life Map. During the workshop, participants go through a process of visioning and goal setting in four aspects of life: work, personal, relationship and financial. Following Taking Charge, the map serves as a guide for participants as they work to achieve the goals they have laid out for themselves.

What are the results?

Taking Charge enables participants to:

  • Establish their governing purpose and values
  • Describe a personal vision for their work/life
  • Dream about their future and create actionable goals to achieve their dreams
  • Align and integrate their life and work priorities
  • Create their Life Map to lead themselves throughout the year

Program Structure

Taking Charge focuses on four areas to develop participants’ effectiveness, productivity and fulfillment.

  • Creating a context for growth and change. Participants use tools such as the Life Spiral to deepen their understanding of change and transition.
  • Self-leadership. Participants clarify the values by which they live and work. They come to a better understanding of what motivates them and increase their commitment to what really matters in their lives. The Calling Cards exercise helps them explore what their personal passions are and how they can use these to increase productivity and fulfillment.
  • The power of purpose. Participants explore their own purpose, creating a dream list and a personal vision that, combined with purpose, sets in motion the factors and forces to create growth and energy.
  • Igniting the spark. Participants use a film case study to conceptualize Taking Charge in action. They create their Life Map, an experience that pulls together the key elements of the workshop and creates a year-long tool for self-leadership. They develop specific life management practices for implementing their Life Map.

Program Components

Taking Charge is designed for small or medium-sized groups. Components include:

  • Taking Charge Workbook—a resource guide for participants during and after the workshop
  • The Life Map—a unique life planning tool to map the journey ahead
  • Calling Cards—a self-assessment tool to uncover what inspires participants in their work

Taking Charge is a registered trademark of The Inventure Group.
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