Leading Teams

Leading Teams is a one-day workshop designed for those leaders who want to gain higher levels of commitment and productivity by engaging their teams at a deeper level.  It provides leaders with the tools to create what their followers want most: sense of community, meaningful work and a successful future.

Leaders who participate in the Leading Teams workshop will:

  • Identify the characteristics of high-performing teams and work groups
  • Learn to create community by aligning team values and address issues of values conflicts
  • Understand how to lead change successfully and create an alliance for change leadership
  • Develop shared meaning by naming the team’s reason for existence and who it serves
  • Link and align the team’s purpose and vision to the business mission to ensure synergy
  • Identify and leverage the talents of the team for results

In the workshop, participants experience the process of awareness, alignment and planning, and action to effectively lead teams.  The workshop design includes dialogue and experiential learning, as well as incorporating the participant’s experiences in building effective teams.  In addition, several tool kit items support the leader’s efforts to implement the plans created in the workshop.  It can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

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