Leading From Within

Effective leadership is more about substance than style. Great leaders bring authenticity to their roles.

While many workshops focus on the technical skills of leadership, Leading From Within focuses on developing a leader’s natural strengths for leading with integrity and courage.  The Leading From Within® program is a one-day process that helps participants stop, take stock and commit to action using their strengths. The program results in a Leader’s Map that participants will use after the workshop to lead authentically every day.

Leaders are the key to both engaging and inspiring talent to reach higher levels of performance.  Leading From Within enables participants to:

  • Discover leading from the context of courage and essence.
  • Declare leadership purpose, strengths, values and vision.
  • Develop a practice and goals for leading courageously throughout the year.

Leading From Within focuses on four areas to develop a participant’s leadership abilities.

  • Leading with Courage.  Courage requires clarity of personal purpose, vision and values.
  • Focusing on Strengths.  Participants complete a leadership profile to assess their leadership strengths in action.
  • The Power of Purpose.  Purpose-driven leadership sets in motion the forces to attract and engage talent.
  • Leadership Mapping.  Participants create their Leader’s Map, a tool that visualizes and applies the key outcomes of the workshop to a leader’s daily actions.  Download a Sample Leader Map.

The Leading From Within program can also be tailored based on the unique needs of your organization.

Contact us if you would like to bring this or any other program to your organization.

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