Nautilus Story

Inventuring – a verb, an idea, a movement – toward purpose, on purpose, for a purpose. It’s an idea we have made our passionate pursuit.

Inventuring is beautifully symbolized by the Chambered Nautilus. This distinct creature possesses a combination of characteristics that human beings would do well to cultivate:

Continued growth – The Nautilus continuously adds new chambers to its life structure in order to make room for new unexplored possibilities. The most vibrant people also add chambers from cradle to grave – always exploring, never settling for the status quo.

Adaptability – The Nautilus is able to adjust to stressful conditions by changing the water and air pressure in its chambers. This enables it to live at immense depths where few others prevail. This design has equipped the Nautilus to survive and thrive for millions of years, securely facing and embracing the powerful changes the world around is undergoing.

Distinctiveness – The Nautilus’ creamy, smooth shell painted in white enfolds its mother-of-pearl lining. This gives it a rare distinctive quality – perhaps, almost as rare as the individuals who choose to devote the time and effort to Inventure in their own lives.

In the months and years to come, will you join the movement? Will you venture into the world in a way that makes room for growth, adaptability and distinctiveness? Will you work toward your purpose, on purpose, for a purpose?

Our hope is that the Nautilus will serve as a helpful guide as you strive to experience the power of purposeful living and working.