3rd Edition “Repacking” Released

Richard Leider and co-author David Shapiro’s third edition of Repacking Your Bags is now available!  In the first editions, Leider and Shapiro showed you how to live the good life, with the simple but powerful formula of “Living in the Place you belong, with the People you love, doing the Right Work, on Purpose.”

Now, the newly revised edition recognizes that the world has changed.  Leider notes, “Repacking was something we may have had to do once or twice in our lives, but technological advances, major economic shifts, longer life spans, and changing social roles are revolutionizing the way we live and work. Today we have to repeatedly unpack and repack as the inevitable shifts and surprises life has to offer continually unfold before us.”

To get your autographed copy of Repacking Your Bags, visit The Inventure Group’s Store.  For a limited time, the publisher is offering a 30% off the book.  Visit Berrett-Koehler-Repacking to learn more about this offer!

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