No 2013 Africa Trek

Inventure founder Richard Leider has announced that he will not be leading an Inventure Expedition to Africa in 2013.  Given his current schedule and commitments, he has decided that a 2013 trip would not be feasible.

“It’s an important part of my life to get back to the rhythm each year in Africa, and it’s been a real privilege to lead so many people on these trips. For most it is a life-changing experience.  But given my current work commitments I didn’t feel I could devote the time to planning and leading a trip next year.”

When asked if he would be forgoing his annual trek for himself, Richard replied, “I will probably take some time for my own renewal experience.  I can reconnect to the rhythm for myself while not taking on the additional responsibility of leading a group, too.  We all benefit from ‘solo time’ to connect to our inner selves.”

Happy Solo Inventuring, Richard!

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