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Watch Richard Leider Interview on tpt


Join Richard Leider and talk show host Mary Hanson as she interviews Richard on his newest book, Life Reimagined. The show is set to air on tpt’s MN Channel at 9:30 p.m. on April 28. In Life Reimagined, Richard takes the mystery out of entering a new life phase. Continue reading

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Purpose Workshops Starting March 27

The Purpose Project

Discovering our distinct purpose in life is often a cradle-to grave process. Consider a purpose check up and or share with family and friends. Many of us ask ourselves some essential questions: What makes me want to get out of … Continue reading

Check out Richard’s podcast on Life Reimagined finances

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The “New Retirement” is gathering momentum and catching major media attention. Are you on board? In fact, no less than AARP has gotten behind the initiative with a new book titled Life Reimagined by Richard Leider. More and more people … Continue reading

FedEx Book Of The Month: do less, be more

do less, be more

Inventure President and Principal John Busacker’s latest book, do less, be more: The Life-Changing Power of Focus has been selected as the March book of the month by FedEx Office nationwide. Busacker offers practical and inspiring solutions in do less, be … Continue reading

Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life

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This past December, VoiceAmerica’s Kate Ebner hosted a Talk Radio conversation with best-selling author and executive coach, Richard Leider, alongside Alan Webber, Fast Company co-founder. This Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life episode focused on Leider and Webber’s latest book, Life Reimagined: … Continue reading